“We were away. Came home in pouring rain. There was a waterfall in Mom’s garage. She had a plant growing out of her roof that was removed … apparently it had damaged the roof! Now water was flowing down the center support wall damaging rooms as it found its way to cascade down shelves in the garage. Her roof isn’t “normal.” It’s 37 years old and made of layered foam and river rock. Hey, it lasted 37 years! 
Called Acme Roofing Company; they have been rescuing our roofs since 1990.  Noel answered, recognized my name, looked up their schedule … nothing available. But Noel doesn’t leave people hanging! She contacted Dave W, our Acme rep. They worked out for him to squeeze us in on his very busy next day. Dave worked with the team schedule even before coming out to our house (based on our description of problem) and made sure a team would be here before the next rain to patch and tarp. Next we schedule a new roof. 
Acme Roofing Company’s Noel and Dave are beyond reliable. They take care of our homes like they are their own. Thanks, Noel. Thanks, Dave.”

—Denvid Little, San Francisco Homeowner

“I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the quality of the workmen you have working for you. Over the years, as a property manager, you have done several jobs for me and the thoroughness of your work has always been evident. Thanks you again for a very pleasant experience.”
—Beth K., Property Manager, San Francisco

“Acme’s team was excellent for my husband and I a few years ago. The Owner David personally walked us through roof top analysis and cost breakdown. Work done fastidiously, clean up, even 2 free return re-inspections and checked & fixed after my neighbors roofer did some damage. Support union companies!”
—Lorraine Grumet, San Francisco

“Craig, my entire encounter with Acme Roofing was great. Gonzalo and his crew were excellent, as was Jess.”
—Carmela R, San Francisco Homeowner

“What’s a guarantee worth if the roofer is out of business? I’ve never had a problem [with Acme], but if I ever did have a problem, I’d never worry about discussing it with Acme. I know they’d be there, still in business, to help me.”
—Joel P., Property Management Company

“I followed Craig from his previous employer. As always, he was fantastic. He provides exemplary customer service and has given me great referrals for other home maintenance needs, e.g. painting, heating. He’s always a pleasure to work with.”
—Ellen E., San Francisco Homeowner

“[Acme Roofing Co.] did a good job for me. Someone else actually connected me with them. My communications were good. They were here when they said they would be. The folks that I worked with were professional.”
—Angie’s List review