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Why Choose Acme

Here Are Several Reasons

Customer Satisfaction
Knowing you have selected a roofing company with an outstanding record for customer satisfaction will go a long way in reducing the stress and anxiety of that choice.
We have an outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction. You are encouraged to contact and verify our numerous testimonials and references. Bay Area Consumer Check Book has reviewed and rated the performance of Acme Roofing Company five times over a twenty-year period. Each review rated Acme Roofing with the organization's highest rating for customer satisfaction.
Quality Assurance
We have been independently rated for quality of workmanship. We use only the highest quality roofing materials for all of your roofing needs. And we strictly adhere to industry standard roofing specifications. This means to you, the customer, peace of mind.
Customer Assistance
The office staff is there to assist you when you call. This means you will be able to talk to someone who understands your roof needs. Our customers appreciate not having to leave messages on voice mail or answering machines.
You will receive an accurate assessment of your roofing needs. You will not be told a new roof is your only remedy when less expensive repairs can solve your problem. When appropriate, a number of options for solving your roofing needs will be provided. Also, our estimators are excellent roof detectives. They excel at determining the source and cause of difficult roof leaks.
We provide written estimates that are detailed, specific and easy to understand. This means you will actually understand what work will be done and how much it will cost before you decide to proceed. If you have trouble understanding the written estimate, the estimator will be happy to drop by and explain the estimate and proposed roof work.
Supervision of work in progress
You will be kept informed regarding scheduling of your roof project. You will not be left in the dark wondering when your job will be started and completed. Our superintendent closely supervises the construction of your roof work, making sure the crews are supplied with proper materials and equipment to complete the job to the specifications and in a timely fashion.
Problems that may arise during the reroofing process are addressed and never covered up. You will be given an accurate assessment and any additional costs to correct the problems before proceeding with the repairs.
We follow up all roof jobs with a phone call to the customer to make sure the customer is satisfied with the completed roof job. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the completed roof work, you will feel comfortable in discussing them with your estimator during the follow-up phone call.
Highly Skilled Journeymen
Only technically skilled tradesmen are employed by Acme Roofing. Each new employee is required to complete an extensive training program that consists of over 4,000 hours of training.
The service life of any roof system is dependent upon the knowledge and skill of the tradesmen installing it. Because our journeymen are so well trained, you can be assured of getting one of the highest quality roof sytems in the industry.
Conscientious Job Site Management
Your most prized possession is undoubtedly your home and you will be pleased to see how meticulous we are – making sure your home is well protected from any damage that could occur during the construction work.
We are one of the few roofing companies that will go to the added expense of tarping and erecting scaffolding, as necessary, to protect your home and garden areas.
Our work is not complete until the job site has been swept clean and is free of all roofing debris. You will be very pleased at our attention to detail and how clean and neat your property will be afterwards.
Future Follow Up Roof Inspection And Maintenance Program.
We provide scheduled roof inspections of your Acme roof and recommendations for any needed roof maintenance. One reason your new roof will outlast other roofs in the industry is because of our extensive roof inspections and maintenance program that you will be eligible for as an Acme customer. We are one of the very few roofing companies that provide this follow up program.

We strive for your complete satisfaction.
We hope you choose Acme Roofing for your next roofing project.


"I followed Craig from his previous employer. As always, he was fantastic. He provides exemplary customer service and has given me great referrals for other home maintenance needs, eg. painting, heating. He's always a pleasure to work with "
Ellen E.
San Francisco